We are a boutique career enhancement agency based in Nairobi, Kenya.

At The Writing Agency Kenya, we remodel CVs for career professionals who want to apply for a better job,  climb the corporate ladder, or reposition themselves to stand out in a crowded career market. Our clients include senior managers, consultants and even CEOs.

We transform CVs by focusing on four key areas:

  1. Complete layout redesign
  2. Adding a career title underneath your name
  3. A rewrite of your personal profile
  4. Highlighting your key achievements, skills and strengths

We work with our clients in a co-creative process, taking the time to consult with them on what would help them become more visible, marketable and profitable in the job market.

Need our support? We are just a call away:

The Writing Agency – Kenya
Tel: +254 704 229927
Email: ann@thewritingagency.co.ke